Results from the MaGiCAD study will be published in the scientific literature. However, here we present interim results, that may not be submitted for publication, or a non-technical summary of published data.

Results from the MaGiCAD study are as follows:

January, 2005 5. Chemokines and heart disease: a summary of the first paper to be published using samples from the MaGiCAD study
April, 2004 4. Rate of recruitment of partners of patients into MaGiCAD
April, 2004 3. Rate of recruitment of patients into MaGiCAD
April, 2004 2. Predicted final size of MaGiCAD
March, 2003 1. Initial test of randomisation

In some of these analyses, we have categorised patients into less diseased and more diseased categories. These categories are artificial and for research purposes, and do not necessarily represent the severity of future angina or likelihood of future problems. If you have participated in MaGiCAD and have any questions about your condition please contact your GP.