MaGiCAD news items are listed below, with most recent at the top.

Today Caryl Barnard recruited the 1234th and final MaGiCAD patient. The first patient was recruited on 28/11/01. We are excited to be commencing the next phase of the study, but also somewhat sad that we will no longer be meeting interesting patients or working with helpful hospital staff who have all been so generous with their time. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the success of MaGiCAD over the last 4 years.
24/06/05 Today the 100th (and final) MaGiCAD partner was recruited into the study by Caryl Barnard. The first partner was recruited on 9/10/03.
17/06/05 It is with regret we announce that Claire Nugent has recently decided not to return to MaGiCAD. She has been on maternity leave since the birth of her daughter last year. Claire started work as a clinical research assistant in October 2002 and took on the roll of Study Co-ordinator when Sarah Hayns went on maternity leave. We are all grateful for her outstanding work in MaGiCAD and will miss her.
05/01/05 A paper we submitted to the journal Atherosclerosis was recently accepted for publication. This will be the first paper published using samples from the MaGiCAD study. Click here for a summary.
Today was Sarah Hayns's last day with the MaGiCAD team. Sarah was the first clinical research assistant to begin work on the MaGiCAD study, in October 2001, and many of the procedures that we use today were set up by her. Sarah went on maternity leave in October '02 and returned part-time in July of 2003. She resumed her role as Study Co-ordinator when Claire Nugent left on maternity leave in April. Sarah has gone to a permanent position based at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. We all wish her well in her new job. Sarah was an energetic, conscientious and efficient member of the MaGiCAD team and will be missed by us all.
12/7/04 Last week Ruth Westbrooke joined us for the Summer period to do some analysis of the MaGiCAD samples. She is a student in her second year studying Natural Sciences at Cambridge University.
8/7/04 Today Caryl Barnard recruited our 1000th MaGiCAD study recruit!  Please click here for more information.
18/6/04 Congratulations to Claire and husband David on the arrival of Amélie, born 14 June.  All are doing well.
27/4/04 On 18 April Claire Nugent left to go on to maternity leave.  We all send her our best wishes for June.
27/4/04 No news for a while, but we have now recruited 888 patients in MaGiCAD!
12/12/03 We are now well over 700 patients recruited into MaGiCAD.  Thank you all for your help!  And have a very happy Christmas!
9/10/03 First MaGiCAD partner recruited into study by Caryl Barnard.
14/07/03 Our new Clinical Research Assistant, Annik Panicker started today. See the Staff page for more details.
12/6/03 The 500th patient was recruited into MaGiCAD today!
15/4/03 We are currently recruiting another full-time CRA whose job description includes some time working on the MaGiCAD study. NB: Applications have now closed.
2/4/03 Claire and Caryl are today recruiting our 400th patient into MaGiCAD. This is a big milestone, as the original study design catered for only 400 patients.
27/2/03 MaGiCAD is now up to 350 patients! Only another 1300 to go!
16/12/02 There has been substantial media interest in the new metabonomic test for heart disease. The BBC has the story on its web-site, while there has been substantial coverage in many National and local newspapers (including The Times, The Telegraph, and The Mail)
On the 24 November we published in the journal Nature Medicine a paper describing the use of metabonomics as a potential alternative to angiography for diagnosing heart disease. This is potentially a very significant step forward in replacing angiography with a minimially-invasive alternative. One of the aims of MaGiCAD is to further evaluate the use of metabonomics for diagnosing heart disease. Follow this link to the paper. The joint press release from Imperial College, London, the University of Cambridge and Papworth Hospital is here.


Sarah Hayns has left us on her maternity leave. We wish her and her new arrival (due late November) the very best wishes.


We have now employed two further Clinical Research Assistants, Caryl Barnard and Claire Nugent. See the Staff page for more details.


We will shortly be interviewing for another clinical research assistant to be based at Papworth Hospital. This should increase the rate at which MaGiCAD will grow!


Initial analysis has now been completed. See Results for details!

MaGiCAD has now been computerised! All new questionnaires are now being administered using an Apple iBook computer. This will mean that time will not need to be spent transferring data from paper onto computer databases in the future.