The PUMA study is a multi-site study designed to test a novel diagnostic test for cardiovascular disease that was being developed by Pronostics Ltd., a diagnostics company based near Cambridge, UK. The study was carried out by Total Scientific Ltd., a contract research company.

The PUMA web-site aims to keep patients recruited into the PUMA study up to date with the running of the PUMA study. Have a look around, see what information is available, and if there is anything else that you would like to see please provide feedback.

Please note that the PUMA study has now been completed. Nearly 700 patients were recruited into the study, and analysis of the samples and data collected is ongoing. Sadly, Pronostics Ltd. was closed due to lack of funds during the financial crisis of 2008. However, the company tasked to perform the study for Pronostics, Total Scientific Ltd. stepped in and took over as sponsor, ensuring that the valuable data and samples were retained. As with the MaGiCAD study, we strongly encourage other research professionals to contact us and talk to us about accessing the PUMA study for use in their own work. Such research must fit within the confines of the Ethical Approval granted to the original study, which is to investigate biomarkers and diagnosis of human diseases. Please click here to request further information.